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Dig Deeper into the Wonders of Wisconsin Agriculture

An advanced STEM lab at Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center provides students with hands-on learning opportunities not available in a traditional classroom setting. Lab activities present unique experiences and can be customized to fit current curriculum and education goals. Whether your students are studying animal nutrition, biology and genetics, or the process of labor and delivery, a visit to Farm Wisconsin will help them dig deeper as they explore the wonders of Wisconsin agriculture.

Advanced STEM Lab Field Trip Add-On: $5/student

See examples of advanced STEM lab offerings below.

Feeding the Modern Dairy Cow

An ideal STEM lab for students studying animal science, this lab discusses the connection between proper nutrition and milk quality, cow health, and the success of a dairy farm. Students will jump into the shoes of a dairy cattle nutritionist as they identify various feedstuffs used in dairy cattle diets across the state. Afterwards, they will work in teams to evaluate a total mixed ration for particle length and cow digestibility.

Caring for Calves

From the moment they are born, dairy calves require specialized care. Students will learn hands-on in this STEM lab about the proper protocols necessary to care for calves and how to recognize instances when the herd’s smallest members need increased attention. They will use a weight tape to determine a calf’s specific weight and then work through mathematical problems to calculate average daily weight gain.

Dos and Don'ts of Labor and Delivery

Dive into the world of dairy cattle labor and delivery in this one-of-a-kind STEM lab. Students will learn about the three stages of dairy cattle labor and how to recognize when a cow is in each. The lab is highlighted with an opportunity to simulate the birthing process and work through potential challenges that may occur in real life.

Presented in partnership with Lakeshore Technical College.

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