Advanced STEM

Advanced STEM

Advanced STEM for Field Trips

Add any two of the following Advanced STEM activities to your field trip. These activities allow the students to dig a little deeper into Wisconsin Agriculture. Selections can be made on the Field Trip Reservation form.

Culinary Course

Everybody loves a good meal prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients. However, students and adults alike take for granted the path food takes before it arrives at the table. Ever wonder where your food really comes from? Visitors will have a behind-the-scenes tour to learn how cows live, give birth -- at the Land O' Lakes Birthing Barn -- calf care, and more. In addition to seeing how farmers and ranchers raise the cows that become beef, they'll learn about how beef is processed and finally, join our chef in the kitchen to learn all about cooking different types of beef. 

Advanced STEM additional cost: $5/student

Grades: 9th - 12th         |          Duration: 1 hour         |          Group Size: 16

Soil and Crop Activity

Ever wonder how important soil really is? From the crops that grow to the animals that depend on the plant life, learn how farmers work to understand what the soil needs to provide for us and the animals! Students will learn about soil testing, nutrient deficiencies in plants and how toxicities in plants affect livestock. 

Advanced STEM additional cost: $5/student

Grades: 9th - 12th         |          Duration: 30 - 45 minutes         |          Group Size: 24

Reproductive Activity

Students will learn to read label track by practicing to artificially inseminating a track, they will be able to tell when the cow is ready to breed. Students will be taught what hormones do what during pregnancy and how to prep and evaluate semen.  For hands-on activities students will be collecting follicles and reviewing them under a microscope and possibly be able to feel a 1-2 month old calf in-utero.

Advanced STEM additional cost: $5/student

Grades: 9th - 12th         |          Duration: 1 hour        |          Group Size: 12

Calf Cafe Activity

Learn the different parts of a calf by comparing the differences in stomachs and which ones are more active during development at each stage. Students are taught how to figure out Average Daily Gain (ADG) on calves by solving math problems. Are the calves gaining proper weight and if not, what needs to be done in order for them to gain weight. 

Students then compare types of bedding - which one is best for your farm and why? 

Advanced STEM additional cost: $5/student

Grades: 9th - 12th         |          Duration: 1 hour        |          Group Size: 20

Maternity Activity

Did you know that maternity pens are critical to the life of the cow, calf , and human? See all the work that goes into the birth of a calf and what a farmer must do to prepare for this new life! See if you can pick the best pen for Cow and Calf.

In the maternity pen, lessons range from identifying the stages of labor and setting up the "maternity room," to have effective calf and cow care after delivery. Students will learn about the 3 stages of labor and their signs. They will be able to judge different designs of maternity pens and discuss what happens right after a calf is born. 

Advanced STEM additional cost: $5/person

Grades: 9th - 12th         |          Duration: 45 minutes         |          Group Size: 20-25

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