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Explore over 10,000 square feet of self-guided, interactive exhibits featuring Wisconsin’s robust and diverse agriculture industry. Kids and adults alike make a connection with the origins of their food and the modern technology that keeps production efficient and food safe.

Enjoy a virtual tour* of a local dairy farm and see modern farming technology in action. Visit the Land O'Lakes Birthing Barn for the chance to experience the birth of a calf and receive insight from a staff member. 

*Guided, in-person bus tours available to groups that book in advance and arrive on their own bus.

Interactive Exhibits

Wisconsin is mostly known for being "America's Dairyland," but did you know that Wisconsin is one of the most agriculturally diverse states? Explore over 10,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits to learn more about the food, fuel, and fiber that contributes $104.8 billion annually to the state's economy.

Farm Tour

See the Grotegut Dairy Farm through a virtual tour shown in our Exhibit Theater. Find out what sustainable practices are used and how technology and hard work make an operation successful. 

Birthing Barn

The Land O’Lakes Birthing Barn provides visitors the chance to view a cow giving birth in a clean and quiet environment. We ask all our viewers to remain quiet as our cows are in labor, delivery, and after birth. Visitors will learn how the farmer cares for the cow and calf to ensure they are happy and healthy.

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The most cost-efficient way to enjoy Farm Wisconsin is by being a member! By being a member of Farm Wisconsin, you'll enjoy the Farm Wisconsin experience to the fullest while supporting your local non-profit organization. We hold our members close, as they are firm believers of our mission to educate consumers about Wisconsin agriculture and their food sources.