Land O'Lakes Birthing Barn

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Farm Wisconsin Birthing Barn

The Land O’Lakes Birthing Barn offers guests a unique opportunity to connect up-close-and-personal with a dairy cow. Each cow that visits the birthing barn is an expectant mother, ready to give birth. While the timing of a new calf’s arrival cannot be scheduled, it is our goal is to showcase live calf births every day we are open.

In the birthing barn, an on-site staff member will walk visitors through the care both mom and baby receive pre-, during, and post-labor, answering any questions along the way. Guests will leave with knowledge about what a cow eats, what makes her comfortable, and how dairy products begin their journey on one of Wisconsin's 7,000 family-owned dairy farms.

Since opening in 2018, our facility has seen over 500 calves born in the birthing barn.

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