School Field Trips: What's Included

Tap into Every Learning Style

A field trip to Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center will engage each and every sense.

Throughout the visit, students will listen to local producers, lift a 40-pound block of cheese, watch how cranberries are harvested, smell what a dairy cow eats, and, if added-on, enjoy a scoop of Wisconsin-made ice cream.

Each section of the field trip is designed to tap into a different learning style, ensuring a positive educational experience for students and teachers alike.

EXPERIENCE: Self-Guided Exhibit Space

Farm Wisconsin features 10,000 square feet of interactive exhibit space designed to bring agriculture to life. Our self-guided experience walks visitors through the following six themes: America’s Dairyland, Diverse Agriculture, Field to Fork, Common Ground, Advances in Agriculture, and Agri-Culture. Throughout these six spaces, students will be able to build a balanced meal with food all grown in our state, learn to drive a combine, and discover a potential career path in agriculture.

CONNECT: Birthing Barn Insight

The Land O’Lakes Birthing Barn offers students a unique opportunity to connect up-close-and-personal with our state’s domesticated animal, the dairy cow. Each cow that visits the birthing barn is an expectant mother, ready to give birth. While the timing of a new calf’s arrival cannot be scheduled, it is our staff’s hope that we are able to showcase a live calf birth on site. After a visit to the birthing barn, students will walk away with knowledge about what a cow eats, what makes her comfortable, and what to expect when labor begins.

DISCOVER: Grotegut Dairy Farm Tour

Follow the start of milk’s journey from cow to milking parlor to milk truck on a tour of the Grotegut Dairy Farm. This third-generation family farm showcases modern facilities with many technological advancements used by today’s farmer. Narrated by a personal tour guide, students will be able to listen and ask questions throughout the journey. No need to worry about getting dirty – visitors remain on the bus for the duration of the tour.

*Please note: School field trips must provide their own bus transportation to and from the Grotegut Dairy Farm (Three miles from Farm Wisconsin)

INVIGORATE: Barnyard Adventure Free Time

Take a breath of fresh air in our adventure barnyard. This farm-inspired playground offers students an opportunity to run around and release energy – providing the perfect mid-field trip stretch break.

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