Farmers Name: Jazzy Jerseys, Sydney Endres

Featured Animal: Jersey Cows

Facts about the Farm: Jazzy Jerseys is a family-owned farm in Lodi, WI. My dad Dave started this farm in 1994, and now both of my brothers, Vinny and Mitchell are full time on the farm as well. We have 10 other full-time team members that make sure our girls are well taken care of and the farm runs as smooth as possible. We milk around 700 Jerseys, and farm 1,200 acres to feed our cows. Most of our milk is made into Mozzarella cheese that is used primarily for pizza!

Jerseys make milk that is high in fat and protein, which is perfect for cheese making. We love our Jerseys because they are very friendly and curious, make nutrient-dense milk, and are very efficient animals.