As a business or organization, meetings are inevitable. These meetings can feel routine and stagnant. What if I told you holding meetings offsite could benefit you, your employees, and your company?


There are many perks to holding meetings at an offsite location.  Utilizing an offsite location allows you to not only complete your work but also allows for a balance of fun. They provide a morale boost, new locations make the work exciting! Utilizing a new space can also allow for new perspectives. The change of scenery stimulates the brain and can make a big difference when it comes to brainstorming and talking through ideas. Routine meetings in the office are filled with distractions, an offsite space allows you to accomplish more on a time limit and helps to avoid interruptions. For the people participating, an offsite meeting encourages face-to-face networking which increases their camaraderie and team building. People give greater importance to outside meetings, they feel exciting and new, leading people to be eager about the experience and work they will be doing during them.  (


Now that you’ve decided you want to try out an offsite meeting for your business or organization, you next have to choose the perfect location.


Why not consider the conference center at Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center! Our conference center offers a modern, unique, and convenient location. If you have a small group or a large group, our conference center is sure to be suitable for you. We also offer catering options for events, as wells as, easy to use audio and video equipment. Our conference center is also available for private events; weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc.


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The Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center is a state-of-the-art, interactive agricultural education center located in Manitowoc County. Farm Wisconsin connects visitors’ curiosity to the wonder of Wisconsin agriculture and provides guests with a better understanding of their food sources and their importance. The center features 10,000 square feet of hands-on learning opportunities and a birthing barn where visitors may watch a calf being born. Farm Wisconsin is conveniently located right off of I-43, at 7001 Gass Lake Road, Manitowoc, WI 54220.