During the month of May, Beef Month is celebrated across the country. It highlights farmers and ranchers, the beef cattle they provide, the future of the beef industry, and every aspect in between.


Educating consumers about beef nutrition is also an important part of Beef Month. Eating beef provides essential nutrients, including protein, iron, and B vitamins. A single 3 ounce serving supplies 25 grams of protein, about 50% of the recommended daily value. All beef has to meet a certain set of safety standards and follow strict government guidelines for it to be able to make it to your plate, with all of this in place you can ensure that the meat you are eating is safe.


Let’s look at some facts about Beef in the United States and here in our state:


The United States produced 27.95 billion pounds of beef in 2021, producing the most beef in the World. On average, a single American consumes 57 pounds of beef in a single year. The beef industry generated roughly $167 billion in gross sales in 2020, it also provides stellar trade and employment for the United States.


Of course, Wisconsin is no exception to the bustling beef industry. We are home to over 310,000 head of beef cattle. There are 14,000 beef farmers in Wisconsin, along with 6,500 dairy farmers who raise their bull calves for meat. All of these farmers contribute to Wisconsin’s $2.1 billion beef industry. Though beef farms can be found all across the Badger state, Grant County, located in the Southwest corner, is the #1 beef producing county.


The Wisconsin Beef Council encourages you to celebrate Beef Month yourself! You can do this by engaging with a local farmer, visiting your local meat processor, or finding a May Beef Month event near you. Another great way to celebrate at home is by purchasing and cooking with beef. For helpful recipes, visit: https://www.beeftips.com/recipes