Farm: Sundance Farms

Farmers Name: Ali Kuhn

Farm Location: Plymouth, WI

Featured Animal: Show and Pleasure Horses

Facts about the Farm: The farm is currently owned by my parents, Steve and Kelly Mahloch since 1991. It has grown with many changes through the years and is currently a large 100 acre equestrian facility.  We are home to over 40 show and pleasure horses ranging from ages 2-27! Myself and my mom train and compete the horses along with our many clients. We also teach lessons to students starting at age 7. Our farm hosts a few horse shows throughout the summertime. I, myself, purchase horses from the racetrack, retrain them in jumping and then sell them throughout the Midwest.  Most of our horses started their lives at a racetrack somewhere in the US.

Facts about the Animals: Horses can live until they are 40! Horses can see directly behind them and around themselves but not directly in front due to where their eyes are located. They also are thought to be colorblind and only see black, whites and greys.  Just like people, horses of different athletic requirements get different kinds of feeds. Horses, unlike humans, have no muscles beneath their knees and hocks. Only tendons, ligaments and bones. Injuries to those areas are extremely hard to heal as there is very little blood flow to that region