On the Farm

Check out what goes on around the farm.

Ride Around The Parlor



What is it like for a cow to be milked? And what is a rotary parlor? Watch this video to take an inside look as to what it's like to get milked in a carousel parlor!

Lakeside Foods Product Journey



Have you ever wondered where the food you eat comes from? Watch this video to see the journey green beans, carrots, and peas make to get from the fields they're grown in to your table!

Chat with the Farmer

Meet the faces behind Wetenkamp Farms, who raise Certified Angus cattle on their cow/calf operation.

Meet the faces behind Keel Show Pigs, who raise Duroc hogs on their operation in Juneau, Wisconsin.

Meet the faces behind Young Farms, who grow over 4500 acres of different crops on their operation in Berlin, Wisconsin.

Meet Sydney, one of the faces behind Jazzy Jerseys. On her family farm in Lodi, Wisconsin, Sydney and her family milk 700 Jersey cows!

Meet Kelly, one of the faces behind Sundance Farms. In Plymouth, Wisconsin, Kelly & her family train their horses for shows, in addition to giving lessons!

Meet Terri, one of the faces behind Wilfert Farms. On her farm in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, Terri and her family harvest a variety of different foods, such as strawberries, sweet corn, peas, carrots, & pumpkins!