Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Educational Videos for Field Trips

Add any of the following Educational Videos to your field trip. These videos allow the students to learn a little more about Wisconsin Agriculture. Selections can be made on the Field Trip Reservation form.

Farm to Table

Buckle in as we go on a crazy adventure exploring all parts of the agriculture industry! Join Alice in Dairyland, as she talks about all aspects of the industry from cows to veggies. Get ready from some knowledge nooks too.

Grades: 2nd - 6th         |          Duration: 15 minutes         |          Group Size: any

Care of Land

Learn how American’s Dairyland care for the land by exploring the history of Wisconsin farms! Find out why Wisconsin was first settled and what made the land here so magical.

Grades: 1st - 6th         |          Duration: 5 minutes         |          Group Size: any

Care of Cow

Let’s learn all about dairy cows that live here in WI. See how farmers care for their cows to get the best quality of milk to you!

Grades: 1st - 6th         |          Duration: 6 minutes         |          Group Size: any

Sheep Shearing

Every wonder what a spa day is like for sheep? You will learn and see how Farmers give the sheep a well-deserved haircut and the techniques they use to make a sheep most comfortable.

Grades: 1st - 9th         |          Duration: 15 minutes         |          Group Size: any

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