Calf Camp

Learn + Grow

Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center Calf Camp!

If you’re drawn to caring for calves, this camp is for you!  You’ll walk away with new skills, knowledge, fun—and an appreciation for how much thought and care goes into farming.

Halter a newborn calf, and learn how to monitor key health aspects, such as heart rate, respiratory rate and size. You’ll also learn about cattle breeds, crops, the dairy industry and agriculture. By the end of the week, you’ll take what you’ve learned and design a farm of your own.

Last day of camp we welcome parents to join us for a Mac & Cheese Party. See what your children have been learning!  

This four-day small group camp is spread out in our facility and outside so that we can social distance. Activities include:

  • Hands-on calf care and nutrition
  • Physical and mental challenges
  • Lab activities
  • Animal health assessments

Calf Camp Details :
Time -- 8 am - 12 pm | Cost -- $100 per child
Age -- 9-12 year olds | Group Size -- 10

July 13th-16th  -- Registration deadline: July 10th

July 27th-30th -- Registration deadline: July 24th