Calf Camp

Learn + Grow

Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center Calf Camp!

Calf Fever? Learn everything you can about calves, housing, breeds, how to feed them and much more. Each morning will start out by feeding the calves and then partnering up to learn about the calves from the inside out! Did you know that the abomasum is the main stomach for a calf and it is just like a humans? Farmers love to have a clean calf so get the bubbles and brushes ready! 

Last day of camp we welcome parents to join us for a Mac & Cheese Party. See what your children have been learning!  

Included camps experience:                                                    

    • One on One Calf/Farm Time 
    • Farmer Challenges
    • Class

Calf Camp Details :
Time -- 8 am - 12 pm | Cost -- $100 per child
Age -- 9-12 year olds | Group Size -- 10

July 13th-16th  -- Registration deadline: July 10th

July 27th-30th -- Registration deadline: July 24th