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The First-Ever Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center.

With the increasing need to help feed the world’s growing population and with sustainable farming practices dominating many Americans’ conversations about food, nutrition and environmental welfare, more and more people want to know where their food comes from, how it is produced and who is producing it.

Here in Wisconsin, one of the most important states to the agriculture industry, we have a unique opportunity to lead the way in educating and engaging people with the first-ever Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center.

Did You Know?

"One U.S. farm feeds 165 people annually in the U.S. and abroad. The global population is expected to increase to 9.7 billion by 2050, which means the world’s farmers will have to grow about 70 percent more food than what is now produced."
-American Farm Bureau Federation

20 People
Number of People One U.S. Farm Feeds
7 Billion
Expected Global Population By 2050
30% More
Additional Food Necessary by 2050